Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A confession and compensation

Ok .... I confess, I forgot to take a picture of the sleeve. It's not that exciting though, just a smaller and skinnier version of the body.  I have though finished the first sleeve and I'm on with the second one. It's probably a good job that I have to knit both sleeves first before I start on the yoke because I'm suffering from a bit of "sleeve ennui", but I am so looking forward to all the colourful bits in the yoke that I'm plugging away at it still.
 So, by way of compensation for the lack of sweater update pic, I bring you my pre-Christmas knit project,  a sweater for Calum.

As you may have spotted, he is a Star Wars fan. This was his request and was finished at 11.30pm on Christmas Eve  (phew!).  I used a  basic hoodie pattern and a picture of a stormtrooper cross stitch,  which I  then fiddled with to get the dimensions right (knitting stitches aren't square, so if I'd just follow the picture faithfully the stormtrooper would have looked like it had been sat upon).  He was delighted with it!

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