Sunday, 17 January 2016

Baby steps

In accordance with our plan to do at least one thing each day,  today I have vacced and mopped the floors downstairs, and cleaned all the paintwork around the switches. Painting the living room will wait for another day; after yesterday's exertions I decided to take it steady.

I got a fair bit of knitting done, and may in fact have finished the sweater, except I ran into a problem :

You see that little tail of white yarn?  That's all I have left. For some reason I thought that one ball would be sufficient.  Fortunately, it being white, I'm not too concerned about dye batches, but I'm hoping I can find it in a local shop and not have to send off for it.

This evening I thought about what to knit with my yarn from Tiger, but in the meantime I worked on my Down the Rabbit Hole socks, finishing the first and starting the second.  No picture,  sadly, I will rectify that next time,  but a bit of enforced sock knitting was actually a nice change.

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