Thursday, 21 January 2016

Mind the gap

Last night I went to see my knitting friends at my local (though now slightly less local) stitch and bitch at Yarn on the Square in Ely. The temperature was below freezing and there was thick fog, which made for a rather nervous drive, but I was suffering withdrawal symptoms and determined to go. My friend Annabel, whose passions in life include knitting socks and running, gave me some wonderful sock yarn by Whimzy, called "colours of the underground ". She had been knitting socks with it last month and I was so enamoured with it that I looked to see if I could get hold of some, but sadly it was out of stock.  However Annabel very kindly gave me her second skein and I  immediately set to:

The colours are inspired by the tube line map and look fabulous.  I'm quite delighted with it and I'm sure they will be completed very quickly  (unlike the Down the Rabbit Hole socks, which have been unceremoniously chucked aside).

Meanwhile, here is a picture from my commute:

It got really busy on the water just after this, there was a tailback of about twenty boats all waiting  their turn. I'll stick to cycling, I think.

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