Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Do you remember those little square plastic puzzle games you used to get in Christmas crackers,  where you had to move around all the little squares to make a picture, but you only had one little space to manoeuvre?

That's what my house looks like just now.

As things stand, we can sleep, eat and sit in relative comfort, so the urgency is not so, well, urgent.  It may take some time to create order from the chaos though.

However we did put up a picture  (something we were not able to do in our previous place ), and so now it definitely feels like home!

I  have had a little bit of downtime, during which I've made a bitof progress on the sweater,  which now has its full complement of arms and has the beginnings of a yoke. Not a great picture but that colour is in fact green,  so I am now working on the fun bit!

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